Publishing Submission Guidelines


We do not accept query letters. We will not respond to query letters.

We only accept submissions through our submissions form.

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, please follow the guidelines below and use our submission form.



This imprint is only for Erotic Romance.

We do not accept non-fiction, short story collections, or poetry.

We do not accept previously published works, including self-published works.

We do not accept mid-series books.


We do not publish pure erotica. Books must have a good romantic storyline that could stand alone without the sex scenes.

We will not consider books that contain any of the following:

Rape/Non-Consensual Sex


Incest (This include pseudo-incest relations, such as step-siblings.)

Characters under the age of 18 having sex

Characters still in high school, regardless of age



Minimum length is 20,000 words.

File Format:

Submission files must be in Microsoft Word (2003 or newer) format. Author must have access to Microsoft Word for the editing process.

Font: Times New Roman – 12 point
Spacing: Single Spaced
Please remove all headers and footers. Our Acquisitions Team often reads on Kindles, and headers and footers interfere with that.

Originality and Rights:

All work must be original and not have appeared elsewhere in any form. Our contracts include transfer of print, eBook and audio book rights for a limited time.


At this time, we are only accepting submissions from U.S. authors.
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